Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I have always had a really hard time making friends. Ever since I was little I was the type of person with 1, maybe 2 friends, and that was it. I am a fairly quiet and incredibly shy person and that has always hindered me.

The year that I spend at Bible college in NY was one of the best times of my life simply because of the friends I had. I had the most, and best friends I'd ever had there. Leaving was one of the hardest things to do.

The time Dahvede and I spent in New Zealand was difficult for both of us, because neither of us felt that we had many really close friends. I had my family, and having grown up homeschooled, that was very normal for me, but Dahvede really struggled.

Moving to Arizona had me really scared for a long time. I know how hard making friends is for me, so I was really worried.

BUT - here comes the best part of the story!!! God proved Himself to me in such an amazing way and blessed Dahvede and I with so many amazing friends! While Dahvede was away, many of his guy friends got engaged and married, meaning insta-friends for me :)

Last night we had "a few friends" over to play games. The short list of friends included 10 people!! Maybe to some people that doesn't seem like much, but to me that is amazing! They are all such amazing people who are not only FUN to be around, but encouraging and uplifting! They are the reason I am falling in love with Arizona! They are my family here, and I love everyone of them!

Eric, April, Katie, Christian, Jason, Marilyn, Meaghan, and Justin you guys are amazing and we love you so much!!!!


Susie said...

glad to hear it sweetpea :)
oh and ps. did you already send yarn? because if you didn't, can you pop me a line?

Mishybishy said...

hey havie, hope u dont mind but you're on my blog feed and I thought Id say hi! Im happy you are settleing (sp?) in so well :D Your mum and dad are headed my way soon, I can't wait because ANY kiwi is a link to home, especially when they are from my home town!! OK, ill stop blabbing now haha, bye!