Saturday, April 17, 2010

Craigslist Bargains

The last week or so we have been on the hunt (through craigslist) to buy a bed. Dahvede's parents left us their guest bed, which although it is beautiful, and fairly comfy... after a few months on it, both of us noticed the affect it was having on our sleep. It's only a full/double and while a queen (what we wanted) is only about 6" wider... it makes a huge difference. Tonight we picked our new (to us - but also almost brand new) mattress and boxspring. It was a total steal as the couple we bought it from had downsized homes, and just wanted it gone!!!! Woohoo!!! We're still in the market for a good frame, but since I have something very specific in mind, and I am cheap-o mc. cheaper-son, it may be a little while before that happens.

I'll post pictures once we get it all settled, but as we're using this opportunity to switch rooms (a whole other story) the mattresses are lined up against a wall until we can find time to deal with them.

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