Wednesday, May 20, 2009


It's what I felt tonight as i glanced down at my phone. I had my phone on so it only beeps once when it goes off. I heard it go, but I assumed that it was just a text message, and since I was busy, I ignored it, planning to check it in a minute. But it kept vibrating, so i looked down. SO GLAD I DID! Dahvede called me! It's not completely uncommon for me to talk to him. In fact, we spend two hours on the phone last night. But because it's so expensive to call to cell phones here, I was not expecting him to call. He was calling just to say hi and to pray together. It was so nice to just have those few minutes catching up, sharing about our days and laughing together. Have I mentioned lately that I miss him? Good grief. I'm so over him being gone. As I was saying to someone a few days ago, "I might see him in 2 weeks, I'll definitely see him in three weeks, and in four weeks, he's home to stay." 

My project tomorrow (after I finish cleaning my room) is to make a paper chain. It's my tradition. If I can, I make one a few weeks before he comes home. I think I'll make one with mini goals of the 2, 3, and 4 week marks, because they're all exciting! I made one when Dahvede first went to Tonga on his own DTS outreach (before we were dating) and I've done it a few times since. It's fun, it childish, and it's still exciting to rip one more off everyday. I was having dinner at a friends house lately, and her husband had been gone on and off for 2 months. She has 2 small pre-school aged kids, so it makes it more difficult. Every couple of days they pull down the calender, and the kids both get to cross off a day until they see Daddy. It reminded me of my chain and inspired me to do one again. I love projects, so I'm excited! 

Ok, I've rambled enough tonight. I'm off to bed. Work will come too early tomorrow morning. G'night all!

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Michelle Graham said...

the paper chain thing is so cool! I would never have thought to do that, kinda cute!