Tuesday, May 26, 2009

It's 1 in the morning and all is well!

What pray tell am I doing up at 1 am? Oh yes... I finally set about to read MckMama's monstrously long blog post about getting blurry backgrounds in your photos. I was sad when pretty much straight off the bat, she had no tips for those with point and shoot cameras. DRAT! But! Instead of giving up, i hijacked my sister's DSLR and had a go with it. Nothing fabulous came out, but I was able to understand what she was talking about and I saw the difference when I played around with the aperture. Haha. I feel so grown-up using that word. Anyways. I had a blast and I have decided that I want one. An SLR I mean. They are amazing. Maybe when I get through saving for the wedding/honeymoon/new life with hubby, I'll save up for one. Hehe. oh man. It would be so cool! When my camera dies, I'll have to look into it. For now though, my trusty Nikon and i will keep on keepin' on. 

Did I mention that my camera (and my ipod) fell, along with my purse, into a bucket of soapy mop water with bleach in it while I was at work the other day. *sob* I asked around about what to do, and ended up rinsing them with fresh water (never thought I'd see the day that I'd willingly pour water over my ipod!) and leaving them in the hot water cupboard for 6 days. Camera works. No problems there. It's older, but it's got some spunk :) the ipod also works. Sorta. It turns on, and after some fiddling with and resetting it completely, I am able to maneuver through it, and it plays! The backlight is busted, so good luck using it if there isn't light RIGHT nearby, but I'll take what I can get! Praise God!! It's gonna live to see another day!

Ok, I'm off to sleep now. Goodnight all!

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