Thursday, May 14, 2009

for my sake

Have I mentioned recently that I miss Dahvede like crazy? I won't say it's quite as extreme as our captain claimed when his girlfriend (now his wife) was in the Philippines (i believe dysentary was refferenced), but I miss him. I spend most of my days thinking of him and remembering little things that I miss and things I love about him. I was looking back through our engagement photos, and ran across a few that are not right for "official" use, but I love them because they say so much about us. 

I love this photo. It's random... it's kinda silly, and it's very us. We love to go find parks, wherever we happen to be, and lay in the grass, talking, dreaming, laughing and other such joyful nonsense. that wasn't what was happening here, but it reminds me of it and i still think it is such a sweet photo :)

I forget what grabbed me about this one. It's cute and could actually be used. I think it's just our smiles that I love. happy. content. comfortable. 

I just love this one cause it's silly.  We couldn't see what the other one was doing, so we felt awkward and just started goofing off. Again, not really useable for anything, other than my pure enjoyment!!

We're total goofs, what can I say? I love him!!! I feel comfortable with him to be myself and I don't worry what he thinks when i just want to goof off and be silly!
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Michelle Graham said...

hehe you two look so gorgeous and comfortable with each other :D