Sunday, May 10, 2009

Wedding rant

I have no intention of turning this into one of those wedding blogs, where nothing is posted that doesn't involve cakes, centerpieces, favors, shoes, etc. I enjoy those blogs and frequent them on occasion, but I am not interested in turning this into one of those. 

However, this is still my blog, and if weddings are on my brain (and at this second, they are) you are going to hear about them. 

I have been working on the guest list a lot lately, and I am getting sick of it. It seems as though everything I do to it, makes like more complicated. I'm trying to keep everything in one place, but I'm always forgetting which computer I did something on, or which website does what, and do I bother with the e-save-the-date cards that ask for your mailing address or just email people personally and ask them since no one really responded to the first round of save-the-dates. Or do I search everyone individually on or what. Have I mentioned that I have a splitting headache tonight? 

I don't get those girls that plan their entire wedding without their fiance's having any input whatsoever. The "what am I wearing and where do I stand" grooms, would be the absolute death of me! There are so many things I just CANNOT handle doing all on my own, and although my sister helps where she can, she has two little girls and a hubby to care for. My wedding plans (understandably) take the very back burner. And my dear Maid-of-Honour is on the other side of the world, so the classic "your MOH is your wedding slave until your wedding" deal is off for this wedding. I would never do that to you though, Dor. SLAP me if I do. I'm always telling Dahvede that I'm excited for him to get home, so we can finish planning together. Isn't that, after all, what this is all about? Doing life together? When Dahvede asked me to marry him, that is what we were commiting to. To do life together, and to partner with one another through thick and thin. I know you say your vows at your wedding, but for us, that commitment in many ways, started the day he slipped that ring on my finger. 

This post has gone in a dozen different directions, but it is what I needed. To jabber and to vent. I am sick of a lot of this wedding planning. Maybe it will get better when Dahvede comes home, maybe it won't. But one way or the other... in less than 4 month, I will be his wife. So tonight, that is what I will be dwelling on. Not how frustrating guest lists are, or how i don't have any decorations yet, or even really know what I'm doing for flowers. I will be dwelling on the dream of finally being married, and Dahvede finally being home. I'm done with wedding plans for tonight.


Melissa said...

I totally know (mostly) How you feel. My wedding is less than 2 weeks away now! My fiance and I decided that he would pay for it(he has a much better job, and I'm going to school) If I did the work and planned everything. It was a great solution for us, because I'm a planner. But now, two weeks before the wedding, and 1 week before finals I'm going crazy!! And now Jim is helping out wherever he can. Thank God!! I couldn't have done all I did without my maid of honor (Amanda Slakes). I can't imagine not having her in the same country. It will all come together, and be wonderful, no matter what happens at the end you get Dahvede. :)

d.e.watson said...

I'd be happy to be your wedding slave babe. :] PI and school ended so I just have work and making sure I have everything I need to fly to worry about. Life is in danger of becoming monotonous. LOL!
I miss you muchly! I'm off to Tilton in an hour so I can get your flip flops at Old Navy.

kate said...

it is definitely a stressful event to tackle with all the many details to get nailed. i feel for you!

i agree wtih having your fiancee's imput. noah was VERY involved. every detail we had to agree on. it made it very special.

what really helped us was a few days we got away from life and everyone + went to a cabin to brainstorm + plan together. this really helped get a LOT on paper + in the process of happening. we got on the same page without distractions + it was really relaxing to get away.

i made a wedding planning binder with different sections. my cousin did this + i saw how helpful it was for her. it kept everything together + easily accessible. i loved being organized!!

then the other thing that helped was making deadlines+ lists every so often + then updating them as things got done.. up until the last day. it seems so much is needed to be remembered. for the last week, my cousin visited + helped me a lot. the wedding weekend we delegated a lot of responsibilities out to friends + family. that really helped too. i gave several people a list. knowing that was getting done was a huge relief!