Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Not Me! Monday

It's time for Not Me! Monday again! MckMama, although she is away crusing right now, hosts this fun blog carnival every monday, and she time delayed it so we can join in the fun even while she's gone! So head over here, and enjoy some of the fun!


This week, there is no way I did any of the following!

There is absolutely no way I got up at 7am on a Saturday to go pick blueberries. That's madness.

I did not drive back and forth over a 5km stretch of road because I simply cannot follow directions or be bothered reading road signs. That is never something I would ever do!

I did not go to the grocery store late one night craving ice cream and come away with diet food. That's just silly. Who does that?

I did not sit through the entire Back to the Future Trilogy over the weekend just so I could spend time with my fiance. I am SO not one of "those" girls.

I didn't neglect doing this until it was no longer Monday, but in fact Thursday.

I am NOT drinking coffee at 9pm the day before I have to be up and out of the house by 7:15am. I would never do something so foolish and irresponsible.

I am not ready for bed despite not drinking coffee at a ridiculously early hour to not be tired at. 

I am not signing off in hopes of early sleep tonight.


Anonymous said...

Hey!! Got your comment;) Do you want it to be a surprise? Do you want me to delete your comment so she doesn't see it? You didn't seem too much like it was a secret, but still:)

I'd LOOVE to tell you what I think about your question, though...if you want you can email me at mycharmingkids3@gmail.com and I'll write you back with all the info!

Feel free to delete THIS comment of mine, you know if you are trying to keep this a secret. Sorry I'm so hung up on secrets. Just don't want to spoil it for you!!

Claire said...

Love this!