Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A promise

I am blogging this to make myself do it. 

Tomorrow is my WI day. I think it's been a pretty good week, and I am pretty confident that I will have lost again. However, tomorrow will not be like any other WI day, because tomorrow my sister, Susie will be helping me take my measurements. I took them right before I started WW because I had to order my bridesmaids dress for my other sisters wedding. I am very excited to see what the change is. I've lost 11lbs, but for me, a lot of my motivation comes from looking better and fitting things better. 

So that is my promise. Tomorrow, you will not only be hearing my new weight, but you will also be hearing my measurements!

*fingers crossed* here's to another NSV!

Happy Blogging!


a journey in new zealand said...

i'm looking forward to read that! you're doing so great! i'm really proud of you!!!
you looks gorgeous and i can see the differenc since i'm here!

i love you, you can do it!!!!
it's an honour to be with you in this journey! (i don't break down cause i can see your progress so i think it will happened to me as weel! you are an encouragment for me! )

Nathan said...

Great to hear you are doing well. Good Luck on WI. I love NSV! Stop by and say hi when you get a chance

Nathan said...

Congrats I have nominated you for the Marie Antoinette Award. Please stop by and leave me a note. Great job you DESERVE it!

"Let's eat and be healthy"