Thursday, November 27, 2008

dun dun dun.... time for Weigh In!

*I thought I posted this several days ago.... oops*

Well, I am a little sad to report that my WI this week resulted in me gaining 1lb. It's not that bad, but it's not a loss so I'm a little disapointed. Still, I think I know why I didn't lose and there's no one to blame but me. Tomorrow is another day, and although I am going to enjoy my thanksgiving dinner tonight, I'm not going to be ridiculous. Tomorrow I will be starting fresh. Forgetting yesterday and striving forward.

In other news... I did my measurements. I will not be posting exact numbers, but I will say that I have lost 1 1/4 inches all together. Not as much as I thought, but I didn't measure my tummy, or my legs and those are target areas for me, that I know I have lost from. 

Anyways, that's all from me!

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d.e.watson said...

Hey babe! Sorry I've been MIA on you while you're trying to loose weight. I promise from now on, I'm gonna try very very hard to be a very non-silent cheerleader! Congrats on what you've lost so far! I'm so proud of you! And I'll reply to that email. I promise. I haven't had the greatest last couple of weeks but I do believe the worst is over and things are looking up. Much love <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3 Dor