Monday, October 20, 2008

A step in the right direction....

A few months back, I took the dreaded steps onto the doctors scale. I was devestateted to read the result. 77.7 kilos. That's about 170 lbs. My stomach, heart, and confidence dropped to the floor. I felt terrible. I felt like bursting into tears in the middle of the doctors office. I had no idea how I'd managed to gain so much weight. I remember my top weight being 143lbs before I started a diet with my parents. I know that compared to a lot of people, my story really isn't so bad, and I'm fine with that but I am over feeling tired and unable to exersize. I am not giving excuses anymore. I'm doing something about it. 

Last friday (?), I joined Weight Watchers. It's incredibly humbling for me to say that. I struggle with admitting it. To be completely honest, a lot of the people I live with don't know. I don't want them to. I'm a little embarresed and I really don't want everyone putting their two cents in about my weight. 

I do however want the accountability of this site. I want to be able to talk about what is hard, the progress I'm making and things I've found that work for me. You don't have to read if you don't want to, but I'm doing this. I'm determined. 


Susie said...

I don't know about anyone else, but *I* will be reading. And cheering you on like you don't believe!


d.e.watson said...

Good for you babe! I'll be reading too. I miss you lots 'n' lots 'n' lots!

"Hey, that's the O-nedders!"

Christina Taylor said...

i'm right here too! You can do it Havie, we all love you here in VA, I[m cheering for ya!!!! YAYYYY!!!! GO GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!! I have 1 tip, i was told once, when you walk up stairs remember to press your heel town first, instead of to first, and it help with the booty, i must say it does to the trick, lol... Soo press with that heel! Love ya girl.