Thursday, October 23, 2008

A quiet ship

The last few days before the DTS left a lot of the crew were talking about how nice it would be when the ship was quiet. It always funny to see the differences in peoples opinions based on where they are in life. I remember being at that stage a couple times. For me it was after I'd been around DTS for 2 years. I love DTS and I always loved the students, but DTS got very tiring to be around and I got to the point that I was happy for the peace and quiet. Happy to not clean as much. To not fight for hot showers and to just have more space. 

This time around was so different. I was so ready to be done cooking. I was tired of it. I greatly respect those who came before me and did it 3-4 times as long as me. But I was not ready for the DTS to leave. I guess it all depends on where your priorities are. A year (and a bit) ago, I was ready to leave for uni. I wanted the students to leave because then it meant less time until I got to fly away across the ocean. It meant that much less time until I saw Dahvede. I just find it interesting to see people who are fairly new to the ship all excited for the students to leave. I actually struggled with being offended that people were looking forward to them leaving. I have to remind myself sometimes that they don't all have boyfriends on the team... hmm...  that might have something to do with it I spose.

Have I mentioned that I miss my boyfriend? 

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