Friday, October 24, 2008

Progress Report

About 30 minutes ago I made myself a cup of sugar-free hot chocolate and sat down with my daily piece of toast to blog about my journey so far. I get distracted easily. Keep all shiny things far from me. Please. 

Anyways, being somewhat serious. The last few days have been going ok. I moved home on Tuesday. I'm not sure if i find it easier to keep my diet here or not. I got to cook dinner for just me tonight. MMM! I loved it! Cooking that is. I tried sweet potato fries and some oven fries. They were pretty yummy but I gotta figure out the seasoning/cooking a little more next time. I also had some  sauteed veggies with my grilled chicken. It was yummy. Fresh asparagus, carrots, mushroom, onion, capsicum (bell pepper). It was really nice. A little sad to sit in front of TV by myself though. I don't like eating alone. It's not fun. 

I did go for a nice walk before dinner. It felt a lot longer than it actually was, but I'm working myself up. I found a nice circuit that works well for now. I want to work myself up to running but i'm not quite there yet. I also did some pilates after dinner. Again, felt a lot longer than it was, but I have to start somewhere. I want to start biking as well, but I wasn't feeling it today. Mostly because my hair wasn't gonna fit in the helmet as it was and I just wanted to get out the door and not mess around anymore.

There's my story for today. The last few days have actually been going pretty well, but i'm excited to start exersizing more regularly. 

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