Monday, September 29, 2008

Auntie's bliss

I am so excited to announce that my dear oldest sister Susie is pregnant!!! WOOO HOOOO!!!! I love being an aunt... have i mentioned that before? I'm so excited to be looking forward to another little one in the family! I'm also excited to be around to watch her grow and to be here for the baby's birth. With Oceana, we found out Susie was pregnant just a week after we'd flown back to NZ and I missed her birth by a day or two. With Joshua, I was in Fiji when I found out and flew straight to the USA. I had decided very early on that I wouldn't come home for Christmas, and when I found out there were complications, I still couldn't afford to fly home to see him. So again, I completely missed everything. 

I am completely exstatic that I will be here, in New Zealand and living with them for when the baby comes.  Thank you Jesus!

ps - please be praying that Susie has a happy, and uncomplicated pregnancy! 

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d.e.watson said...

Hey babe! Funny thing: The day I found out about Susie, I'd been thinking earlier, I wonder if Susie's gonna have another baby anytime soon. And then *boom* she's 13 weeks pregnant. I'm so glad you'll get to be there to meet this little one.
Miss you lots 'n' lots!
"'Cause I'm lovin' you lots 'n' lots, I'm lovin' you lots 'n' lots, I'm lovin' you lots 'n' lots!"