Thursday, September 18, 2008

Adventures to Hobbiton

Dahvede gets one "day off" each week while staffing DTS. Sometimes he wants to do something together and sometimes he prefers to "hermit" somewhere by himself. Last weekend, he decided he wanted company so we started to plan what we could that would be interesting. We landed on going over the mountain to Matamata, where they filmed Hobbiton in LOTR! We knew we wouldn't do the tour, but we thought it would be fun anyways. After a few hurdles we finally got out for the day. We got to town and wandered around for a bit, had lunch and picked out silly presents for each other at the $2 store! (fun date btw)

There wasn't much else to see so we headed out to the Wairere Falls to go for a hike.

Yes, I said Hike. I am not much of the athletic type. At all. I have been trying more lately, but I still find it a real struggle and when I have to stop several times in a hike to sit down because I'm so winded... it's not very encouraging and I prefer to give up! I didn't though and eventually Dahvede and I got to the look out to see this:

Maybe someday we'll venture the rest of the way up! We only made it to the lookout. The top is another 45 minute hike (yes... 45 minutes is a huge deal to me!)

Althought we tried (only once, but give me a break!) to get pictures of the two of us, they didn't come out so awesome, but I liked this one I took of our feet. This was at the top of the lookout. It was a lot of fun to challenge each other (ok, so I mostly needed that), and to conquer it together. :)

And this picture? This is just a shot I got along the way. When I got it home and onto my computer I was surprised at how much I liked the way it came out. I did however have to show it to Susie before I dared put it up. She knows far more about these things than I do :) Bless her heart.

Ok, enough out of me for the night. I'm off to finish my Galley-er duties! I'm excited... can't you tell?

At least I don't have to make the milk. But that's a post for tomorrow.

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Melody said...

Aww Havie! I'm so glad you guys got to get away. Can you imagine that I lived in that town for 6 months? It's a bit biggere then Waihi ;) The falls are amazing! My DTS climbed to the top and we had communion up there. Ohh the memories. I love you...miss you. Tell every one I said hi! :)