Friday, September 12, 2008

My Galley

So I decided that I should introduce you to the lovely land that I spend my days in!

This is my galley! :) Rather, this is one of the work bences I have. They are very limited. But you see that blessed machine in the back corner? That is my new favorite toy! AK!!! I got to make up my "wish list" for the galley and that was the top of the list! WOOO HOOOO!!! It's awesome! It's a food processor and a blender and food mill! I love it!

These are some of my darling volunteers doing the dinner dishes. Dishes for 35 people is no easy task! But look! They both have smiles (even though Duncan had just hit his head on the door to the galley - this ship is not made for tall people!)!

First of all, the girl in this picture with me is Heather. She's a fellow MK and I love her to death. Her big sis had my job before I came.

Second of all, and the entire reason for this photo, was for the apron. Oh, how I love this apron. Everyone does. It has pockets on it and it's yellow and it says "Kansas" on it! We have two guys from Kansas that work on the ship so they LOVE that it is around. It's the only fun apron so it's my favorite to wear. There's not much too fun about a plain old previously white but now very stained and gray apron.

This is Mercy. She was taking the photos but refused to allow me to take one of her. She said I could post this one though :) Go stop by her site and leave a comment!
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Dave said...

Wow, got yourself quite the motley crew dude. :p