Friday, August 15, 2008

I’m all alone.... There's no one here beside me!

So it’s small group night. For those of you who don’t live inside the delightful life that is YWAM, small groups are where you are split up in to… you guessed it! SMALL GROUPS! WHHHOOOOO HHHHOOOOO! Ok, anyways, you usually go out and do something fun and talk and fellowship and it’s a cool group of people who you can trust and can trust you and it’s great. WELL! I am not in the DTS so I am not in the small group crowd. I am left to my own devices this evening. Not so bad except there’s a group meeting where the TV is so no Olympics for me and the internet is down (I’m writing this offline and will post it when I can). Hmm… I borrowed DVD’s from Dahvede but I don’t’ feel like watching a movie by myself in a dark room. So instead I sent my delightful sister Susie a text asking her to find the recipe for fried dough and send it to me. Bad Idea. Oh well. It was a night of experimentation.

Started out ok. Found all the ingredients, no problem. Made up the dough, no problem. Got out a frying pan to start frying my creation, no problem. Big problem. Don’t try to shallow fry if you’re not supposed to. I put my burner on high cause my sister said “boil”. This is txt language mind you so Lord only knows what that really means. After burning the first one, I turned the heat WAY down and tried again. Still cooked way too fast without actually cooking the inside of it. Grrrr. So I took the frying pan off and tried a saucepan. Again, because it said “boil” I turned it to high and tried again. Again. Big Mistake! Burnt my dough in no time, still, not cooking the middle.

Then came the worst part. I know it doesn’t make sense, but please don’t judge me. I was misled.

I thought, “Maybe when she said “boil” she really actually meant with water.”

Stop judging me. I told you you’re not allowed to.

STOP IT! I mean it!

And stop laughing at me. Not that I mind, I'm used to it, but your family/child/significant other thinks you’re crazy!

So I tried it with boiling water.

After the dough doubled in size I figured that wasn’t what she meant and I reminded myself that in order for fried dough to be fried dough it had to be fried in some aspect.

So out went the water and back in went the oil. Oy. After texting back and forth with Susie it finally got communicated that by “boil” she really meant, cook with oil over very low heat. Exactly what I think when I see the word “boil”. Not.

So after a half hour of desperately trying to figure this thing out, I figured out what to do and the fried dough made it out of the oil, into the cinnamon sugar and onto my plate. I did however put too much cinnamon on them, therefore making most of them almost impossible to eat so they sit on the coffee table in front of me only half eaten.

Don’t judge me.

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