Friday, August 15, 2008

10 things I hate about you….

I’ve had an interesting day. Which will be clear to you if you just read my last blog. Yikes.

I was thinking while trying to deep “boil” my fried dough about all the dumb things that happened to me today. And since I have nothing else to do, I’ll blog about it.

1) I burnt my finger. I went to pull the mince and cheese pie out of the oven and I forgot the oven mits I was using were USELESS and burnt my finger before dropping the seemingly 30 pound tray on the stove. Yes, it still hurts.

2) I had to go grocery shopping again, even though I shopped for the whole week on Monday. Grr!

3) Got Starbucks out of the deal so all is well again.

4) Put dinner out a half hour late because the blasted potatoes took FOREVER!

5) Tried to boil (in water) fried dough. I understand that no part of that statement makes sense. Please leave me alone.

6) Burnt my tongue because I forgot to put milk in my tea before drinking it.

7) Hated the internet connection for not working tonight.

8) Almost pulled a pot of burning hot oil down on myself. (again, the stupid fried dough)

9) Watched the clock like a hawk waiting for Dahvede to get back from Small groups.

10) Blogged about it.

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