Wednesday, July 16, 2008

ouch. hello reality.

Reality paid me a visit tonight. It brought me a big stick. It then proceeded to hit me over the head with it.

You have that moment where that thing you KNEW was gonna happen happens and you realize how unprepared you are? It's like reality comes walking in with a 2-by-4 and hits you over the head with it. It hurts. Doesn't matter how long you knew it was gonna happen, or the fact that you didn't think it would bother you... you're not, and it does. Gr.

Should I decipher the gibberish I've been rambling on about now? Dahvede had his first staff meeting tonight. He came home and informed us (me, matt and susie) that he wouldn't be here for dinner anymore because the staff would be having dinner together. Seems like no big deal, huh? Well it was a step beyond what i had prepared myself for and unfortunately I didn't take it great. Now before you go jumping to conclusions I didn't fly off the handle, start bawling, throw a fit, or some other irrational thing like that... I just got quiet and started thinking. Not always a good move for me.

The reality of this new phase of our relationship hit me. It's starting to sink in finally. It's not all fairy dust and rainbows. There are parts of this I'm not gonna like. But at least it's finally sinking in. Sadly it's the only way it can sink in with me. A 2-by-4. Between the eyes. Ouch.

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