Thursday, July 24, 2008

My week in Pictures

I know I haven't updated in a long time. I have an excuse. Who finds time to post when you have cuties like Oshee around?

Or a cutie like your Boyfriend around? (Babe, please don't kill me for this picture!)

For the last 3 weeks that Dahvede has been staying with us, he's been sleeping in my room, and I was supposed to be up in Oshee's room with her. However, after about a week of FREEZING to death, and Oshee's sleep habits getting out of whack, I moved downstairs.

Thus, please observe my bed for the past two weeks. Not all bad, I must admit. I was kinda sad last night when I was back in my bed. I wanted to turn into the back of the couch and snuggle in, but I couldn't. Sad day. Anyways, it is nice to have my room back. It's amazing what a door does for your well being.
In other news, it was my birthday yesterday. :) I'm nineteen now. Anyone's thoughts on that one? I find it to be a rather unclimactic, and slightly boring year/age. Ah well. Dahvede actually got to be here for part of my birthday, which meant a ton to me so it was a good day! And my mom even managed to call from Samoa for a few minutes. So all in all... Good day :)

Birthday shot! Waiting for our hot chips for lunch :)
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