Friday, July 25, 2008

whirlwind events

Recently, the regional director of Marine Reach (and subsequent director of DTS) approached me and asked if I would willing to work as the cook for the upcoming DTS. At first I told him no way, mostly because I thought he was joking. But then a few weeks later, he asked again. Very seriously this time. I told him I would think/pray about it. I felt pretty confident at first but when I got home and really thought about it, I freaked. I realized all of the responsibilities that would be on me, and I didn't think I would be able to handle it. So I sent word through Dahvede that I couldn't do it. That was the end of that.

Or so I thought.

Yesterday, I went into the office to get a few things photocopied, and just to see everyone and hang out. It's a pretty relaxed office, and I've known everyone there for several years, so showing up to say hi is no big deal. Well, the photocopier was in use at that moment, with about 700 pamphlets needing to be printed, so I made myself a coffee and sat to hang out with Susie. Well before too long, Jesse (the director) came wandering through and asked to talk to me. I jokingly whispered "uh-oh" to Susie as I headed for his office. Thankfully, he did not ask me to be the head cook for the school. He did however, ask me if I would be willing to be an assistant to the cook. "I can do that!" I blurted out. And there I was... with a job!

Granted, it's only for two weeks... but I get to travel three hours from here, to where the school will be held at first, and I won't have to be alone in the house while Matt and Susie are gone.

It may not seem like such a huge deal, but just the night before, I was at a small group for 18-25 yr olds, and the pastor's wife, Amy, sat down and prayed for me, that I would find a good job that I would enjoy. Just over 12 hours later, I have a job!

So with less than 24 hours till I leave for two weeks (and having found out less than 24 hours ago), I am frantically packing, doing laundry, and cleaning. Ok, not quite frantically since I'm blogging about it. But Still. PRAY FOR THE SUN TO STAY OUT! With all four of us leaving for two weeks tomorrow, the washer is going non stop and we're just praying that it all gets dry! YAY!

So with that I shall leave you and attempt to get some stuff finished before lunch. Happy Blogging!

*Disclaimer* NO! I'm not taking both suitcases for two weeks. I tried to use the smaller one (the closed one), but it wasn't gonna fit all of my bedding and such things in it, so I'm using the bigger one instead, and just haven't put the little one away yet.

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