Tuesday, May 27, 2008

He's Here!!!

One week ago Bethany and I took off bright and early to go pick up Aria and then head to Buffalo to find Dahvede at the airport. After four months of being apart, I was incredibly eager to see him again and being our traveling/vacation together. Getting to Buffalo we discovered that it was raining so our plans to visit Niagara Falls were a little dampened but we went for it anyways. Dahvede had never been there before and I had only ever been once before so we were excited to check it out again. This is one of the pictures we took while we were there. Not too obvious where we are, but you get the idea.

We got back from Canada and met up with my big sister Melody and headed over to her parents house for the night. The next day Mel let us take her car and go to a lake near by. That was really nice to just relax as the two of us and catch up. We hadn't been able to talk a whole ton in the last few weeks so it was a nice change.

That night we had a BBQ at Hemlock Lake so Dahvede could meet all my friends from Elim. It was a lot of fun and I'm really glad almost everyone could make it. (We missed you Katie and Sara)

My awesome friend, Amanda, has a really sweet camera and loves to take pictures so she took some for us. I like this one cause we didn't know she was taking it :)

Bright and Early the next day Dahvede and I headed to the bus station to catch our bus to Vermont. It was a long day with about a three hour layover in Albany. It was easier than the first time though!

Dahvede's friends Jeff and Stacey were on a road trip near-by so they came to see us while we were there. It was alot of fun having another couple to do things with. It also made the time in VT with not much to do go alot faster.

Sunday, Dahvede and I took off for NH. We met my cousin half way at a ice cream place i used to go with the fam. They tore it down but the sign was still there :)

That's all for now. Thanks for reading!

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Excellent post, Havie, excellent!
Happy weekend