Wednesday, February 6, 2008

weekend with the oldies

It's been a long week and it's only Tuesday. Wow! That's depressing.

This weekend started out great with dinner and movies at my friend Ben's house, with the self dubbed "old people" of Elim. There were a few of us token "babies" invited and it was a really fun night. ps - Jeff is a GOOD cook!

Saturday morning we all got back together for Brunch. The guys showed up a half hour late so it was almost lunch but it was still fun. Before the meal was over I got called away to my Hall girls. They had arranged a shopping trip for Sara, Chriss, Sarah-Jane, Me, and Sara's twin sister, Ariana. Five girls with different styles, budgets, preferences and agenda's can kinda make you wanna pull your hair out. Everything is all good ow, but I spent saturday night in my room by myslef, refusing to be around people! Haha. Got some good bargains though :) like these!

I told Susie that I would a picture up for her.

That's about it for updates and news.

This is a video of my buddies Aria and Katrina (from this one) at Tim Horton's on friday night. They are hilarious. Enjoy!

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