Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Bless God for the Weekend!!

Although it is no longer the weekend, I'm still rejoicing over this weekend. Thanks to a flight bump back in August, and some money my parents gave me... i was able to fly to Arizona this weekend for my boyfriends big sister's wedding. Dahvede's big sister Aleisha and her now husband Ryan had been engaged for over 18 months and they finally were able to have their wedding last weekend in Phoenix. it was a great weekend. Lots of running around, lots of late nights, and lots of traveling but totally worth the time getting there. It didn't hurt to have 3 days with Dahvede either :) Because of the great distance, and limited college student incomes, seeing each other comes pretty few and far between, so an excuse to travel 2300 miles to see him for the weekend is warmly welcomed.

Although I had a camera on me pretty much the entire weekend, I didn't take one photo (not on my camera anyways) so I have no pictures to offer up except this one. I was waiting for my flight back to NY to board and got bored so I took some pictures.

Altogether it was a really really fun weekend! Even with the business of the wedding there was plenty of time to just sit and chillax with Dahvede and his fam.

well, That's pretty much all for now. I'm off to get a start on some homework and then I'm hitting the hay early tonight. For some crazy reason staying up till 3:30 is catching up with me. Yay for coffee!!!

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