Saturday, February 9, 2008

Oh What a Beautiful Morning!

At the beginning of last semester, I remember wanting to cry the first time I saw flurries. I'm not used to snow and to be honest, I hadn't missed it. I grew up in snow. Moving to New Zealand was exciting. No more snow. Living next to the ocean. It was great. Well like I was saying the first time it snowed after I got to school, I sent Dahvede a text message complaining. Being the wonderful, optimistic one that he is, he told me to be thankful for the snow and enjoy the beauty God was giving me.

Gradually over the past few months I've learned to appreciate the snow a bit more and even found myself praying one night before I went to bed to wake up to snow! The next morning I rolled over and looked out my window and guess what? There was a beautiful layer of snow on the ground! Silly as it may seem, I get a little bit giddy everytime I see it snowing.

So when I looked out my window just now I was so excited to see it snowing, that I decided to post about it!!! oh, and I took some video of it for my NZ family to enjoy but blogger is being dumb and won't upload it! So here's a picture....

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