Friday, January 11, 2008

Accompishments, solitude, and fun things....

Thursday afternoon my flight touched down in freezing cold Buffalo. My sixteen days with Dahvede were up and it was back to cold weather, schoolwork and reality. I had a few days with Melody, and Sunday - while Melody worked - I got to hang with my little munchkin, Jacob. He's such a cutie and most of the time, a happy baby!

Aren't his big brown eyes just amazing??? And I wish I had that boys skin. AHH! He's so cute!

I got back to school Sunday night to an empty room. Last semester, my roommate Erika, decided that she was going to leave school and try to get a job with the hope of returning when she could afford it. Which leaves me in a room by myself. I won't lie... I love Erika, and am sad she's not here... but the room seems alot bigger when there's only one person! I've spent alot of time in the past few days organizing and cleaning and decorating... and these are the results!

Basically that's what my room looks like. I have a ton more pictures, but I'll spare you. And if you're wondering... Yes, i do have Christmas lights on my floor. My mother converted me over the years, and nothing makes me more frustrated at night than bright fluorecsent light, so I have a ton of twinkle lights, a deck lamp (which you can see) and one stand up lamp by my chair. I love the feel of my room now. It doesn't feel quite so much like a empty dorm room. The chair and lamp are from my friend and hallmate Bethany. She can't use the chair because of surgery she had to have on her back, and the lamp was just sitting at her house so she brought them up for me! She's also working a rug for me to put down. She's been a huge blessing to me!

Here are a few other fun things that I felt like sharing with you. They are completely childish and silly, but they make me smile!I got the little puppy at a White Elephant during at Dahvede's (actually the Sponge Bob mug in the back was from the same thing). And the slippers I got on sale at Wal-Mart the other day. JJ, Sara and I found them, so we all got the matching ones in different colors. JJ has Red, Sara had Black, and I as you can see have pink. I love them!

Well, that's about it. I have wasted plenty of time I think. I'll go do something more productive now.

Love you all!!

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Dahvede said...

The place looks awesome. I'm sad I don't think I'll ever see it.