Wednesday, June 23, 2010

my evening

What have I done tonight, you want to know....

After returning from Wal-mart with the cousin, I made myself eat at least a little bit of dinner - downed several glasses of water, proceeded to wash at least 3 episodes of The Office, learned a new game - Time's Up - and played with the cousins and their signifigant others.

But finally, around 10:30pm, we decided to bake 3 more batches of black bottom cups for Saturday (the wedding day) and one batch of regular chocolate cupcakes for the bachelorette party tomorrow night. And clean the kitchen from the days festivities. and Dye the bride's hair. And blog.

yup. that was my crazy night.


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kate said...

We had an older couple over who we have connected with here in CHCH. They are amazing. They experienced the 70s Jesus Movement here back in the day.. and do house church now. We chatted, had a cup of tea + then prayed with them. It was a good evening. God encouraged us by speaking through them. I am feeling loved. =)