Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Not Me! Monday

It's been a long time, but I decided that it was time for a Not Me! Monday again! Besides, MckMama is giving something away today! How could I not?

It was absolutely NOT ME who suggested listening to a sermon to my husband on our three hour car drive and then proceeded to fall asleep. I would never leave my husband alone and bored on a road trip! Not ME!

There's no way on our return trip home yesterday, I got sick of my jeans mid-drive. I absolutely did not have hubby pull off into a deserted parking lot so I could change into my skirt. I was then NOT rewarded by sitting down on a bee who had flown onto my seat whilst I was getting my skirt. I did NOT scream and cry like a frightened child and shout at my husband (who was only trying to help) "get it off, get it off, GET IT OOOOFFFFFF!!!!!" It was NOT funny. Kinda.

After swearing I was gonna "start eating healthy" again, I absolutely did NOT go to bed last night with a bowl of Pioneer Woman's Coffee Cake and ice cream. That's just unreasonable.

I did not just answer the door with my bed hair and in my bathrobe. It is not almost 9 am. I am very responsible and of course did NOT just get up.

Hope you had fun reading my Not Me! Monday post. Head over to MckMama's and join the fun!


Lollie said...

I love your name:) Very fun "Not me Monday"!

Rachel said...

Hey I found you on Not Me! Monday....and I saw your name and was like "no way!" The guy I dated in highschool's little sister's name was Havalah, pretty unique! I think it was a family name, they were from Sweden.

Michelle Graham said...

hey chick, just saying hello - hey!!