Thursday, May 28, 2009

sweet relief

This morning, for the first time in two months... I was finally reunited with Dahvede. I found him at a random campground that is free for backpackers making their way through NZ. They didn't have a tent or anything, so him and his team slept outside under a tree. Or at least they tried to sleep. 

But that is not why I am blogging tonight. I am blogging, because after two months of tension, and two months of being emotionally drained, he is finally coming home. Finally seeing Dahvede today, and being able to hug him, and hold him was one of the most relieving things I could have asked for. Since he left, I have dreamt about seeing him again, and what it would be like. I was so grateful that I went to the wrong part of the park, because when Dahvede came to find me, it gave us a few minutes on our own. I could hardly believe it had been 8 long weeks since I had seen him. We have done much longer stints of long distance  - the worst of which being 7 months, just 10 days after we started dating - but it was so different this time around. 

God has grown us through this season, and for that I am grateful... but I'm ready for it to be over now. I'm ready to have Dahvede home, and to get to plan our wedding together again, and to get to plan our life together. 

Thanks for listening tonight. Did I mention how amazing it was to see him? I was jumping up and down telling my little brother about it. It's just a little later and colder now, and my musings have taken a different turn. 

I love you so much, Dahvede. I can't wait for our life together to start. :)


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I honestly started to tear up. <3<3

Melody said...

*tears*....that's all I can say.