Monday, December 8, 2008

Weekend.... Away?

This last weekend, my good friend/weightloss partner/fellow cook and decided we wanted to get away. We had plans to go to a great tourist spot a few hours south of here and camp for a few days, but being a little pinched for cash, we decided to rock the cheap version.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we camped in my backyard. Yeah, that is something you do when you're any age between 6 and 14, but we did it. I never really got to when I was younger cause it scared me, and who cares? We had so much fun! We did a day road trip to my old town and hit the GORGEOUS beach! We went swimming, and we tanned, and we drove and it was great! 

We also watched Gone with the wind, and went out on the town and shopped. It was such a fun weekend that I would love to do again! If you never got to camp in the back yard as a kid, I strongly suggest it. Except for you Northern Hemisphere people who are in multiple feet of snow. That's not such a good idea right now!

1 comment:

a journey in new zealand said...

yoooope! definitly awesome amazing weekend! again whenever you want baby!!!
it was such a lot of fun!!!! even if we were in you garden!
(and close to be killed by matt's car! or prisoner in the tent!)

loooove you my chief cook/sister/ weightloss partner/ gorgeous friend!