Friday, June 27, 2008

parties, birthdays, fun, and photography

I was thinking about my time down south with Cate today, and I realized I never really talked about what I did. I won't tell you everything we did, because honestly... you'd get bored. But I will share some highlights of my time.

While I was there, her friends J and R were having thier engagement party, and since Cate and Drew were both invited, I tagged along. It was fun, albeit, awkward since I didn't know anyone. It was a great excuse to get all prettied up and go out for the evening. This picture is proof that with some scrubbing and extensive time spent in front of the mirror even I can be ready for a night out ;)

This is a picture of the picture taker at Cate's 21st shin-dig. Her name is Shan and she's one of Cate's best friends. The Par-tay was lots of fun, with yummy food, and some friend I hadn't seen in a couple years. It was great.

And of course... a fun time wouldn't be a fun time without some random, silly pictures of me being stupid :D It's my favorite thing to do! Just ask my darling boyfriend, Dahvede (who gets here in 5 1/2 days by the way! WOOOOHOOOOO!)!

And this picture, is my attempt at photography with my point and shoot digital camera. This one is dedicated to Dahvede's Dad, who I thought of when I saw the broken old wagon. He has a rustic old wagon wheel in his bag yard. I personally, think it's awesome!

That's all for now friends who actually read this... Happy Blogging :)
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