Sunday, June 29, 2008

good day. ouch. giggles.

Today began with my sister waking me up about half an hour before they left for church. I'm still finding my footing being "home" but in a new town, house, situation, etc. I didn't feel like going with them to their church again - not that it's bad, but I want to be careful to not mistake being "settled" and being lazy. On the other hand, I don't enjoy going somewhere that I don't know a soul, or rather, I just wasn't up for it today. All that to say, I decided that a good middle-ground would be to stay home, and spend some real, quality time in my Bible and have Jesus and me time. When I finally got woken up enough to take in what I was reading and finished 1 Corinthians, and skipped over to Philippians. I also had some "Screwdriver Prayer" while washing the dishes. Good morning.

On another note, before moving here, I was on the phone with my sister/soon-to-be-landlady, and we were discussing our need to "get healthy" and work-out together. Susie is 5 months off of having a baby, and I am two months off of college cafeteria dining so needless to say, we're getting desperate. So after being here for nearly two weeks, we finally went on our first walk together. I didn't think we'd go that far, or walk that fast, but little did I know, my sister had far different ideas. She was pushing my 2 year old niece in the pram/stroller and I STILL had to work to keep up. My bro-in-law was playing soccer with men from the church, and Susie wanted to walk over and watch. Long story short, 2 1/2 hours, and (roughly) 10 km's later we made it home, having watched about 20 minutes of the game. All I have to say... is Ouch. It was good, but it was.... ouch. So with that, I am going to be a bum and watch "Hook" and go to bed. Happy blogging!

ps - I stumbled across a delightful blog of a homeschooling mother of 12. AHHH!!! Anyways... Susie and I read and laughed until we cried. Check her out!


Jenni said...

But...were you laughing *with* me, or *at* me? LOL...

Always delighted to cause delight
;o) Thanks for making ME smile tonight.

Hey, that rhymes!


Anonymous said...

did i read that right........ is your sister susie pregnant?????