Sunday, June 22, 2008


Lately I've been thinking about my time at school and the people I grew to love while being there. There was one girl in particular that became one of my best friends. I have grown accustomed to "loving and leaving" people over the years, but there was nothing easy about leaving my dear Julianne.

(I threatened to not be seen with her in this outfit. Lord knows i'm a bad bluffer!!)
When I got to Elim to unpack and settled, there was a miscommunication, and although I was supposed to be there a day early, no one else knew that. They told me I could unpack then though, since it would be easier without a lot of people. Well, across the hall from me was another girl unpacking. I knew I should go over and say hi, but I was shy and my sister wanted to get going so we left again pretty quickly. After later meeting Julianne (JJ) and months later talking about having seen her she said she thought the same thing but again, neither of us acted on our instinct. It turned out not to matter as we became best friends quite quickly.

We did pretty much everything together. Sadly we had no classes together, but during chapels, and meals we were most often found together. Even during study time we were frequently in each others rooms.

The picture above is of her crocheting during the superbowl. During first semester she saw me working on a blanket I made for Dahvede for Christmas and asked me to teach her. The girl not only picked it up immediately, but she started a blanket after me, made it twice as big as mine, and finished it first. BAH! Haha - the student has surpassed the master!

Another thing I learned about JJ soon after meeting her, was that after an unfortunate episode in Home Ec, she had been banished from ironing... so I taught her that too :) Fun times!

All in all, I love and miss this girl! She is one of my best friends. I have sat and cried with her multiple times, laughed with her more times than I can count, and even been partners in crime together! I haven't seen her since graduation and I miss her more than I can say!

I love you, Julianne! I don't know if you'll ever read this, but I miss you and you mean the world to me! Can't wait to see you again! Keep pressing on and into God!
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JJ said...

i love you so much havie!!! i talk about you all the time and i miss you like crazy. i dont have internet where i am, so dont think i'm ignoring you. I'm still holding onto that bet too! You've changed my life completely and shown me the deepest meaning of the statement "my grace is sufficient for thee." i dont know when i'll see you again, but even if i have to come all the way out there i will. BEST FRIENDS FOREVER!!

ps. i miss webkins

JJ said...

pps. bless your heart for not wanting to go with me looking like that but doing it anyway...i think thats the most embarrassing picture of me ever taken...i'm awesome : )