Saturday, May 3, 2008

Hair Stuff

I have NEVER had the ability to have curly hair. My hair is straight. I'm ok with that. However when I got to school last year and met the girls next door to me... there was a little bit of longing. My big sister, Susie, has the most amazing curly hair and I always wished my hair could do what hers did. This is my friend Chris. Her and her big sisters have the most amazing hair. I love it! These pictures are mostly for my sister's benefit. She's trying to decide what to do with her hair and so i thought I'd talk about hair.

This was Chris at our "thrifty thursday" hall outing

Posing on Elim's lawn

with her cutie neice

And THIS! is my hair after she diffused it. I HAVE CURLS! it's kinda messy, beach/bed head hair.. but I loved it!

Anyways... Susie i hoped this helped a little. Love you!!!
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Susie said...

hey booba - you look very melody-ish with your hair scrunched. sooo different to see you with bends in your hair. haha. looks good. i don't know about the defuser. it's frustrating because i dont want to buy one and then realize that i dont like using it you know? but i have seen dryers for about 20. just wanna wait and see you know? also concerned about blowdrying - will it kill my hair? anyways. i do remember ruth's hair - which was AMAZING. always wondered what she did. i'd like my hair to stay curly without tons of frizz - which seems to be what the harlan girl's hair looks like.
anyways. um... what else was i going to tell you? oh - the fabric, which one? the white one (yeah, i know) i made last year. i have yet ot fit into it yet. i wore it when i was 12 weeks with joshua - but only up about 2lbs. my tummy hasn't quite receded enough. oh, and the blue picture - i made that too.