Thursday, April 3, 2008

Dear Anonymous

I received this comment this morning from an 'Anonymous' person.

Anonymous said...

Haha christianity is a joke so don't trash other religions. After learning about science and space and the complete impossibility for 'god' to even exist, it's hilarious you idiots still buy that crap. You think there's some guy sitting up in the clouds listening to EVERY thought? Planning everyones life? Angels and halos and hugs and kisses? Pff all religion is there for is to give weak people false hope and comfort when they, what, have a bad day with some mormons? HA

It takes alot for me not to laugh at your pathetic ignorance.


I asked my best friend for advice and he sent me this:

You clearly mis-understand the purpose of religions, and the exclusive claims and beliefs of Christianity. First off, there is no complete impossibility for "god" to exist. Albert Einstein said he could only understand 3-5% of the known universe, much less the existence of God. Even Richard Dawkins, famed evolutionary biologist and globally outspoken atheist has said he cannot 100% prove that God does not exist- so first please look at the holes in your own argument. The existence of a god has been debated by philosophers and others since the origin of man.
Secondly, if you take a second to look at the historical accuracies of the Bible, study any kind of theology, and discuss with any level-headed philosopher you would see that there is clearly enough evidence for the existence of the Christian god to be worth debating.

If you want a discussion, dialogue is a wonderful thing. But if you want to make ignorant, fallacy filled comments and call me ignorant, I'm sorry. Feel free to laugh, I know where I stand.

P.S. Many leading astronomers and cosmologists are Christians, I'm not sure what you learned about science, space and all that.


Anonymous said...

You are completely right, there is no way to 100% prove god doesn't exist. Why? Because the people who designed religion MADE it that way. It's completely circular ideas- crafted in such a manner. You people have the "ultimate" argument. Glorifying "faith" in something you can't see, hear, or prove. God is there if you "feel" it. You don't get to meet him till you die, but suicides a sin. There is no evidence of a god. Remeber that book the bible? and all the conversations with god they all had? Living till 700 years old? That book is a crock of lies created to keep YOU in line. When did god stop talking to people? Modernnnn medicine anyone? The crazies got cured and now "god" burns no bushes, doesn't tell anyone to kill their child in sacrifice.

ALSO, Richard Dawkins promotes disrespect for religion. It is such an outdated LOW, pathetic ideal that he doesn't even condone RESPECT for it. Read his book, I challenge you.

I was very offended that you, all mighty christian on your high horse, spoke about Mormons like they're idiots. News flash YOU'RE ALL IDIOTS.

Back off other religions - you're believing in something created to keep you running in circles. Hearing gods voice in the wind and jesus's face in melted's absurd. I don't want a discussion, you just enraged me by picking on a religion when yours is a bloody joke, the same joke.

PS. religious scientists do not exist. sorry. you're one or the other and deep down inside everyone of them, they know which side they're taking.

Dahvede said...

I'm ok that you disagree with my beliefs. It's not my job to make you agree. I just think it's sad that you are so disrespectful about it and don't even have the sense to make an intellectual argument. Dawkins is welcome to his views, but like him, it seems you have done little to no research into the things you criticize. Sound scientific? Dawkins himself admits he is no theologian (I saw him do it), nor has he studied anything near it. Let me ask you if that is scientific, or even logical?

I know you don't want a dialog, but I'll offer it in case you have a change of heart. Oh, and just so you're aware, your non-belief is as much a religion as our belief. It takes as much faith and as much dedication. Food for thought.

Anonymous said...

I think it seems flat out RUDE that someone would be so mean. I mean clearly you don't know the real story until you get there. That's why it's called a BELIEF....or FAITH. So even if you don't have a BELIEF or FAITH, why would you be so cruel to someone who does?

That being said, I don't think it was very "Christian" of you to be critical of someone else's beliefs either. I certainly believe that there is a God. I just don't believe that He could so judgemental. Isn't it just important to believe in Him and follow His overall principals of being a loving, decent, kind & giving human being? No matter how you want to honor that??.....

Susie said...

I'd like to point out that Havie was not disrespectful of Mormonism. If you knew my sister, you'd know that she's the least disrespectful person I've ever met. She amazes me in fact. What she actually said was that she was shocked by the differences in the Truth and the "truth" that Mormons believe. By Truth I mean - What is ACTUALLY true - and there is such a thing. By "truth" I mean - what people believe to be true because they don't know the Truth. Havie was no rude
The rude person is the one who leaves their anonymous comments condemning someone for believing in God. She didn't ask you (anonymous) to believe in God - she'd love it if you did. But it's simply an irrelevant attack what you've done.
People (like me) who believe a relationship with the Living God is something possible to attain aren't idiots. If you think you're going to "change our minds" by attacking us, you're obviously not doing too well. If anything Anonymous - you've made 'us' more steadfast in our belief. So someday when we meet you face to face, we'll probably have run your argument over in our heads a fair few times and have something to say to you. In the meantime - WE (Dahv, Havie, and me for starters) will be PRAYING for you. Just take it down a notch please, and stop attacking Havalah.