Monday, March 31, 2008

a very long day with a good ending....

Yesterday was such a long, busy day that I decided it just wouldn't do for me to not mention any of it! So anyways...

I woke up at exactly 8:30, preparing to leave for a field trip to the site of where Joseph Smith (founder of the Mormons) allegedly found the golden plates. It was... interesting. Were very warmly welcomed, but when we got to the 'talking Jesus' it took alot to not laugh. We were then ushered into a very nice theater and we watched "Joseph: Prophet of the Reformation." 70 minutes long, by the end, my head hurt and heart was broken for those who are entangled in the twisted doctrines that the Mormons teach. We had a time of questions and answers, and then they put on another movie called "The Testaments," which was.... i don't even know. I came out soooo confused. Did you know that Jesus came to America after leaving the Disciples? Oh wait... He didn't. Again, came out with a even bigger head ache... and a broken, frustrated heart.

Getting back to campus an hour late, I got out of one car, and into the next and headed to Eastview to go shopping for Julianne. 3 1/2 hours later we had gifts, and food for the party and were headed back to campus for dinner and set-up. Just missing dinner, we had lettuce-less salad's and then headed up to get ready for the Shower. stopping to remind one of the invited, they informed me that they (and their crew) were not coming because they had not paid attention (my words) and made other plans. SO!!! frustrated, stressed and annoyed, I ran up stairs to get stuff ready for our potentially very small party. Frantically i delegated and enlisted the help of our faithful hall. Wrapping presents last minute and trying to blockade the area for the party, we finally were ready to go when i realized that we hadn't organized the games. GREAT! So I went off the cuff and pulled off random games at the last minute.

The best part - the Bride LOVED IT! She had a blast and loved all her presents! so yes... after a very frustrating, stressful, all go day, I PULLED IT OFF!!! Sure I was making up games as others we happening and there were no decorations but she had fun :) Praise God!

We then ended the night by going to Denny's and driving our waiter crazy with Chriss's antics. It was fun :)

I must now go change my sheets and clean my room. I have a Disco Kid coming in about 6 hours. Lord, give me strength!


Anonymous said...

Haha christianity is a joke so don't trash other religions. After learning about science and space and the complete impossibility for 'god' to even exist, it's hilarious you idiots still buy that crap. You think there's some guy sitting up in the clouds listening to EVERY thought? Planning everyones life? Angels and halos and hugs and kisses? Pff all religion is there for is to give weak people false hope and comfort when they, what, have a bad day with some mormons? HA

It takes alot for me not to laugh at your pathetic ignorance.

Cate said...

wow - your intelligence is almost as far reaching as your bravery. you're so brave leaving such a scathing comment on a girls site who had had a bad day and made something good of it... and anonymously too. We could all learn from you and your take charge outlook on life. Keep up the good work!