Saturday, November 24, 2012

Holiday Motivation

It's easy to fall off the wagon around the holidays.

It would easy for me to say I'm going to enjoy all the yummy foods of the holidays and I'll get back on the wagon January 1.

I'm not taking that aproach this year. My Dad has recently made some HUGE life changes for his health, and doesn't get a break from them. So neither do I. I have a goal for Christmas, and I'm about 12lbs away from that goal. I think it's definitely possible to do, but I have to be motivated and strict. So I'm starting a two week challenge.

I'm doing a program I found (through Pinterest) on Prevention Magazine's website. I'm excited to start something new, and challenge myself. I'm posting this as my encouragement and motivation. No quitting. No giving up. No wimping out.

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