Wednesday, December 3, 2008

yet another....

NSV!!!! (non-scale victory)

It's not WI day yet but I couldn't help but want to blog about this one! 

Most of the weight I'm wanting to get rid of is that which I gained within the last year. Looking back at Christmas 07, I was upset with my weight then, but I realize now, I didn't look so bad. There's multiple photos of me wearing my favorite size 6 American Eagle Jeans. They fit perfectly. They were snug, without being uncomfortable or giving me "Muffin Top." That's where your tummy bulges over your Jeans and your waist is given the look of a muffin with the top spilling out over. Yummy when it comes to muffins, but very unapealing when it comes your body. By mid January, I had been back to school and eating Cafeteria food for a week or ten days. It had been enough. Whether it had to do with the high stress of my nephew being at risk (read his story here) or just the stresses of school starting again, I gained a few pounds and stopped fitting my jeans. They were uncomfortable. They didn't look good anymore, and then the day came that I couldn't button them. I tried a crash diet (I hate you South Beach), and dropped a few pounds, but couldn't keep it up. I never fit back into them and it's been at least 11 months since I wore those Jeans. They are my mini-goal jeans. I'm going out and buying new stuff when I hit these goals. It's so exciting for me to fit back in my semi-skinny jeans!

A few weeks back I tried them on. They were certainly uncomfortable, and although i couldn't button them, I pulled the hair-tie/pregnancy trick and wore them for an afternoon with a shirt-dress over them so you couldn't tell that they still defineately didn't fit. After that they got put back in the drawer and ignored for a while. The discomfort wasn't worth it. 

This morning, I decided to risk my self-esteem and try them on again. 

THEY FIT!!!! I can button them! ok, so I still opted for the hair tie trick, as they were more comfortable that way, but ladies and gentlemen, I got them on! I love them more than i ever have and they look fantastic!!! WOOO HOOOOO!!!!!! 

Thanks for reading the whole story and for supporting me through this journey! Love you guys!

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