Monday, March 17, 2008

A blog I never wanted to write....

Our little miracle, Joshua Matthew, went to be with his Heavenly Father on Friday morning around 11am. Wednesday night I received a phone call from my mom in NZ, telling me that his 'cele' had burst and it was a matter of time now. Going to bed that night, I assumed I would be woken up in the night by a phone call telling me that it was all over. We were blessed however with almost two full days after this incident. Joshua was promoted after an amazing 67 days and 7 hours on this earth. He will be missed, but never ever forgotten.

To My Precious Nephew whom I never had the honor of meeting:

Joshua Matthew,
I was one of the first who knew you were on the way. I remember my joy and excitement when your Mommy told me the good news. I instantly knew you would be a little boy, and I couldn't wait to cuddle and hold you. I'm sorry we never got the chance to meet. I've thought about you everyday since your mommy told me she was pregnant, and will continue to think of you daily. I'm so proud of you. You have been such an encouragement to soooo many people, and you have touched countless lives. I love you baby boy. Run Joshua, Run!


Mears Family Pacific said...

Can I read that at the funeral? Touching. Love ya Dad

Thelma said...

I wanted to say.......your nephew has touched my heart, soul and impacted my life forever. What that precious little boy has accomplished in his brief time upon the earth.......well there are some adults that can no lay claim to the countless lives changed for God because of one little precious boy. The faith of his family, is beyond description. You could see the beauty and love of God in his tiny face and His perfection......for little Joshua was fearfully and wonderfully made and his story is a love story............and it impacted my life. God bless you all during this time.