Saturday, December 1, 2007

Seasons Greeting.... heck with that... MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

So, I really don't need any more excuses to procrastinate doing homework, but my sister and boyfriend both recently started blogging, and since both of them don't live anywhere near me, I thought this could be a good way to help keep in touch.

And it looked fun :)

Yeah. That's pretty much all I have to write. This picture is my niece, Oceana. She actually fell asleep sitting like this, and instead of moving her... Susie (the afore mentioned sister) took a picture. Haha. I love it. She's so adorable, and is growing up WAY too fast. She's being joined by a little brother, Joshua Matthew, soon... whom you will also hear alot about. But I won't go into that now because I need to get back to that homework that is ever nagging. Only eleven more days till my last exam. PRAISE GOD!!!!

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